Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

I also offer swept path analysis, which can help with your site layout design and planning applications.

What is Swept Path Analysis?

Swept path analysis is analysis of the movement and turning capabilities of any vehicle, enabling a calculation of the number and/or types of vehicles your site can logistically and safely accommodate. Swept path analysis is utilised to aid the design of both residential and industrial road layouts, together with large hotels. Existing sites may require new or updated road layouts where the volume, speed and flow of the existing traffic using the site needs to be accommodated.

What are the benefits of Swept Path Analysis?

A swept path analysis is a common requirement when submitting a Planning Application. The earlier the submission of your swept path analysis, the greater the speed of your application. Being requested for one by the local highway authority after you have submitted your application, can delay the process, losing time and money.

What we can offer

A vehicular swept path overlaid on your proposed layout. This is normally provided in AutoCad or similar format. If, however, you are unable to provide an AutoCad plan, alternative scaled site plans may be used – just let us know and we will advise you. For the more impressive presentation of a scheme, we also offer 2D and 3D vehicle simulation supplied as a MOV, MP4 or AVI file. Swept paths are designed from planning process to final submission, with amendments made where necessary, to accord with the local highway planning requirements.


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